Horseriding in Georgia Caucasus

Welcome to Shetidze Tushetian Horses - horseridingtours in Tusheti and Vashlovani Nationalparks, Georgia, Caucasus, booked directly with Tush horseman Soso Shetidze!
All tours take place! Dates 2024 and 2025 are online. 

Georgia is a safe country and not affected by the situation in Ukraine. 


The name Shetidze Tushetian Horses represents Tush horseman Soso Shetidze and about 90 Tushetian mountain horses, who are as beautiful as the nature surrounding them.
Soso takes pride in the professional art of working with horses since childhood, including horse health and the overall horse welfare – his horses are very fit, live in a horse paradise and are very well looked after. Sosos horses live semiwild in a big herd, outdoors 24h. Sustainability and responsibility – Soso’s aim is to make the tours and tourism as environmentally friendly as possible. Regional focus - the tourism benefits Tusheti and Vashlovani directly. You book directly with and from an experienced local horseman. Tradition - Soso carries on with the proud tradition of the Tushs, that live as (semi-)nomads, happily sharing it with his guests while remaining openminded towards new ideas. From October until May Soso spends his time in the winter lager in Vashlovani Nationalpark where he has built a guest house, farmstay, in the middle of beautiful nowhere. Tours in the park as well as to David Gareji Monastery near Udabno are possible. From June till September the horses and Soso live in Tusheti Nationalpark, the mountains, and enjoy a true Caucasus-summer. The two big 260 km annual horseroundups that take the horses up to Tusheti and back to Vashlovani in fall are the seasonal highlights and unique for this region of the world. Since 2021 Soso is the only horseman that teamed up with the wonderful people of FeelQuest to offer horseguided empowerment retreats in Vashlovani. Horses heal souls, that is sure. Soso is looking forward to ride with you. 

The horses

Our sweethearts

Our more than 85 Tushetian horses with a height of approx. 150 cm are the core of Shetidze Tushetian Horses. 

The horses live and grow in natural herdes. They have never seen a stable in their whole life and also won´t until they fly over the rainbow. Foals and mothers are together until they seperate naturally when the mare gives birth to a new foal.
The horses are extremely sure-footed and mountain-experienced, capable of riding up and down the mountains. The horses love to run and it is a pleasure to ride.  Some of them possess a special feature from birth – a four-beat lateral gear similar to the one of the Islandic Horses "toelt". This comfortable gait allows the Tushetian horses to carry their riders tirelessly over rough and smooth of the beautiful landscapes. 


Soso’s horses are strong, tough and are familiar with the terrain since their foal days, making them very experienced. Especially on longer tours the horses enjoy regular breaks. They remain headstrong flight animals, yet due to their breed and living conditions they are incredibly relaxed beings.


Due to their friendly nature these horses are perfect for novices and returners. Soso allows for sufficient intervals in-between tours for horses to get a break and recover, so please don’t be disappointed if your preferred date is not immediately available. The whole herd has 4 weeks off also in season - that is always before and after the horseroundup to prepare/ relax for/from the 260km drive. Besides, you may wish to spend some time getting acquainted with these climbing artists.

Your are welcome to bring your own stir-ups if you are used to them, but we ask you not to bring your own saddle as our horses are used to their own saddles. Thank you for understanding. 


Soso Shetidze

Horseman, guide, breeder - the horseman behind Shetidze Horses

Soso is a true horseman of the Tusheti region. He was born in Alvani, Kakheti region and divides his time between Tusheti in summer and Vashlovani in winter, just like the generations of Tushs before him. With only two years of age he first sat in the saddle and has been riding ever since through the vast spaces of Georgia. Soso loves his horses and is absolutely devoted to them. The horsedrive from the mountain pastures in autumn and back up again in spring give a good insight into his daily life as a horseman. Soso is eager to show his guests the paradise-like nature in which his horses are dwelling and how by comparison some things can be superfluous for the overall happiness. He has been offering horsetours since 2000 and is one of the most experienced horsemen plus owns the biggest herd in Georgia. Combined with keeping his horses in a herd outdoors, semiwild, he offers the best quality in horsekeeping, natural horsemanship and horseriding.
On horsefarms in Germany and Poland as well as in several trainings Soso received further professional education and gained interest in horsemanshipmethods of Parelli and Monty Roberts. He missed being with his horses during that time in Europe and is very happy to be back in Georgia. 


Farmstay in Vashlovani 

 "Tushi Mejoge" (თუშიმეჯოგე) 


Situated in the middle of nowhere and surrounded by horses, roaming freely around it, is the guest house. If you are looking for solitude and tranquillity and would like to spend your nights next to the horses, then Soso’s farmstay, opened in October 2019, is the right address for you.  

Tushi Mejoge (Georgian: თუში მეჯოგე) translates as “Tushetian Horseman”. The guest house currently offers four rooms upstairs, two double rooms (two single and one double bed), two triples and two shared bathrooms (with WC, shower and hot water heated by the solar panels) and one Loo upstairs. The house has a capacity for up to 10-12 people.  The accommodation costs is 120 GEL per night/person, including full-board (breakfast, lunch and dinner). 


The guest house is a perfect starting point for rides under the starry sky or tours in Vashlovani National Park. 

Soso strives to run the guest house as sustainable and ecologically friendly as possible. The provisions are purchased in the 40km distant Dedoplistskaro and are mostly regional, biological produce, since the goods sold on the local market are home-grown. The “Tushetian Horseman” combines both tradition and modernity, integrating traditional Tushetian objects.


Prolong your Indian Summer and visit Soso and his horses from October till May (incl. New Year) and enjoy the exceptional sunrises and sunsets while experiencing the daily life of a real Tushetian Horseman.

For more photos of the guesthouse please scroll down. 

Tours and dates

Begin your adventure in Georgia in two spectacular places: Tusheti and Vashlovani. 

Sosos farmstay in Vashlovani

Sosos farmstay in Vashlovani.

Sosos farmstay in Vashlovani